THE TACO BAR is an original taco cart catering service. We offer our customers fast, personalized service, quality ingredients with a unique twist at competitive prices. Founded in 2008, our capabilities have expanded to fulfill the demand for a wide range of events from private parties, corporate events and fund raisers. As an original taco cart catering service we can provide various types of tacos to meet your request.


LA/OC Riverside & Palm Springs Area: Victor: (562) 367-4727

  Personalized Service
THE TACO BARS Primary goal is to exceed our customers' expectations. In order to achieve this mark, THE TACO BAR utilizes the knowledge, expertise and resources of our experienced staff. This approach allows THE TACO BAR to achieve our goal.

Our customer-related efforts are carried one step further by adhering to a personal and friendly environment. This is just one of the many measures taken by THE TACO BAR to surpass the expectancies of our customer.

Quality Ingredients
THE TACO BAR offers another important value: Peace of mind. THE TACO BAR uses high-quality ingredients. Ranchera (Flap Meat) is what the proper cut for Carne Asada is and it should never be substituted. Cleaned and De-Fatted when biting into your taco you will get an all beef no fat taco. Our produce passes a strict inspection process by our staff, if the produce has any slight imperfection we do not purchase or use it, as a fisherman would say "Throw it back". Our salsas are tailored to meet your needs as per your instructions from extra mild to extra hot or anything in between we can and will deliver.

THE TACO BAR does not cook with any OIL, LARD or GREASE of any type, so restassure your tacos will not be dripping with grease. Oil is only used for grilled onion and grilled jalapenos.

Past & Current Customers:

We are the right choice for your private or  corporate event as we prepare the main ingredient to your corporate lunch or private party. THE TACO BAR will deliver on time service. We have experience in serving  the following:

1 -  100 construction workers (1) hour lunch period, that was a construction site in Irvine, CA. (Michealson Project)

2 - Southern California Edison Substation during their lunch period.

3 - Child Protective Services (CPS) office picnic Since 2009 and every year since and still going strong.

4 - Mathis Brothers Furniture at the Ontario, CA. location. (Memorial Day Lunch)

5 - Exchange students from Germany and their host families at a picnic.


6 - FEDEX - LAX - (3) shifts 3 days 1200 guest total.


7 - Social Services an office birthday lunch.

8 - Kroger Creamery - A Ralphs Company employee appreciation lunch for (3) shifts starting with first  shift 7:00am, second shift at 2:00pm and ending with third shift at 12:00am (midnight)


9 -The Classic Club - in Thousand Palms a Country Club in the lower desert hosting The BOB HOPE Classic Golf Tournament. (Employee Appreciation Lunch).

10 - MATTEL Toys - In Redondo Beach, Company picnic for 200 guests.


11 - Burbank Fire Department - Congratulations to NEW Battalion Chief Jeff Howe, We served 65 Fire fighters and other staff.


12 - SONY PICTURES imageworks - This is the animation department in Culver City. As we prepared to feed 175 animation specialist the excitement was in the air, due to  the fact we had catered to them in the past. Thank you all for having us back.

13 -Fundraisers - For Anrews School (Whittier), Cancer Awareness (private event), University H.S. in San Diego, Step Out cure for diabetes and many other events. Just another way THE TACO BAR gives back to the community.



Just a few events of many that we have had the pleasure in serving. As you can see THE TACO BAR can and will deliver any event, anywhere, anytime.

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